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On 19th May 2015, the CMA announced that it intends to seek permission to appeal the Court of Appeal judgment in the Eurotunnel/SeaFrance case to the Supreme Court after the Court of Appeal ruled against the CMA on the 15 May 2015. It is the latest development in a case going back to June 2013 and acts as an important clarification on when buying a liquidated company triggers merger control as the acquisition is considered an acquisition of an enterprise –Read More–

On 6 May 2015, the European Commission announced that it had launched a sector inquiry under Council Regulation 1/2003 into the e-commerce sector, regarding the ability of suppliers, wholesalers and resellers to sell their goods and services over the internet. The Commission has the power to conduct inspections and even impose fines and other sanctions for competition law infringements it may find while carrying out its sectorial review. One of the Commission’s main concerns is the lack of cross-border internet –Read More–

Back in 2007, the French Department of Competition, Consumer Protection and Fraud Control (“DGCCRF”) conducted an inspection, authorised by a judicial order, at the premises of two related French construction and engineering companies, Vinci Construction and GTM Génie Civil et Services, for possible competition law infringements. Such inspections may be conducted pursuant to a number of provisions laid out in the French Commercial Code (notably Articles L.450-1 and L.450-4) and the French Code of Criminal Procedure (notably Article 56), but –Read More–