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Introduction For a second time in 18 months the EU Commission has slapped a large antitrust fine on Qualcomm, the world’s largest chip manufacturer . On 18 July 2019, the European Commission announced that it has imposed a fine of EUR 242 million on Qualcomm for abusing its dominant position in  3G baseband chipsets contrary to Article 102 TFEU .  Qualcomm sold these chipsets below cost, with the aim of forcing its competitor, Icera, out of the market. It appears –Read More–

Introduction Following recent proposals for regulatory reform (see articles here and here) in relation to competition in digital markets, the CMA published its new Digital Markets Strategy on 3 July 2019, which sets out the agency’s approach to “protecting consumers in the digital economy while ensuring robust, competitive digital markets”. The strategy outlines five strategic aims and seven priority focus areas across antitrust law and merger control, as well as consumer law. Objectives The first strategic aim is for the –Read More–

Perhaps this is an indication of the way things are going to be after Brexit. The Governments of Germany, France and Poland have recently published a document calling for a radical review of the EU merger rules to allow a stronger emphasis on industrial policy considerations . Remove the UK from the equation with its strong belief in competition only based assessment of mergers and more politically motived industrial policy concerns are likely to fill the vacuum. More and more –Read More–