The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is to set out her vision for Brexit during her highly-anticipated speech in Florence on September 22

Partner and Head of the EU & UK Competition Team at Bryan Cave, Robert Bell, commented in an article in Law360 on September 20 as to what businesses will be wanting to hear and seek clarity on from the Prime Minister’s address.

He explains, “The business community’s primary concern with the whole Brexit process is the uncertainty it creates for future trading conditions — both in the run up to, and after, Brexit.”

Bell goes on to say that May’s speech could help end the political stand-off: “If the prime minister offers the EU €20 billion ($24 billion) net — which is aimed at avoiding a reopening of the EU long-term budget plan up to 2020 — it is likely to be viewed as a highly significant move…It could end the political stand-off between the U.K. and the EU over the divorce terms which have plagued the talks since their outset.”

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