On the 25 November 2015, the European Commission published new thresholds, over which, the EU public procurement rules on advertising and the award of relevant contracts apply to a contractor sought by the public sector purchasers.

The thresholds are amended every two years, this latest amendment will affect all three of the main procurement Directives, Directive 2014/23 (Concessions Directive), Directive 2014/24 (Public Sector Directive) and Directive 2014/25 (Utilities Directive).

Crucially, the thresholds have been revised slightly upwards, meaning no seismic change has been made, the same size contracts (given inflation) will be caught by the rules as previously, the same smaller contracts will escape the requirements.

The new thresholds are set out below and come into force on 1 January 2016:

Directive 2014/23 – Concessions Directive
Current Threshold: EUR 5,186,000

New Threshold: EUR 5,225,000


Directive 2014/24 – Public Sector Directive
Supply and services contracts – central government authorities

Current Threshold: EUR 134,000

New Threshold: EUR 135,000

Supply and services contracts – non-central contracting authorities

Current Threshold: EUR 207,000

New Threshold: EUR 209,000


Works contracts

Current Threshold: EUR 5,186,000

New Threshold: EUR 5,225,000


Directive 2014/25 – Utilities Directive

Supply and services contracts and design contracts

Current Threshold: EUR 414,000

New Threshold:EUR 418,000


Works contracts

Current threshold: EUR 5,186,000

New Threshold: EUR 5,225,000