The European Commission has published revised financial thresholds relating to the application of the procedures for the advertising and award of contracts under the EU Public Procurement Directives (Directive 2004/17 (Utilities), Directive 2004/18 (Public Sector Contracts) and Directive 2009/81 (Defence and Security Contracts)). The new thresholds apply from 1 January 2014.

These thresholds are revised every two years to ensure that they remain consistent with those that are used for the WTO Government Procurement Agreement and these requirements are incorporated into the Directives.

The new thresholds have slightly increased but due to fluctuation in currency values the pound sterling values are slightly reduced.

The full advertising and award procedures in the EU Public Procurement Directives apply to contracts above the following thresholds.

Public Sector Directive

Supply and services contracts and design contests awarded by Central Government €134,000 (£111,676).

Supply and services contracts and designs contests awarded by other Contracting Authorities €207,000 (£172,514).

Works contracts, subsidised work contracts and works concession contracts €5,186,000 (£4,322,012).

Utilities Contracts and Defence and Security Directives

Supply and services contracts/design contests €414,000 (£345,028).

Works contracts €5,186,000 (£4,322,012).