9 December 2014
Webinar: Comparative review of US and EU Antitrust/Competition law on the interface between IPR and competition law including their approach to Standard Essential Patents.

The exclusive rights conferred by Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) are not absolute. In certain cases the enforcement of IPRs can undermine or infringe other rights and laws such as antitrust/competition law. The challenge for US & EU antitrust/competition regulators is striking the right balance between fostering innovation and stimulating free and effective competition.

In this one hour live webinar Robert Bell and Arindam Kar review the recent steps taken by US & EU competition/antitrust regulators to enforce antitrust/competition law in the IPR field particularly with regard to Standard Essential Patents. We will also address what role, if any, does antitrust/competition law have in disciplining the exercise of intellectual property rights on both sides of the Atlantic.

You can register by following this link as well as other upcoming Bryan Cave competition webinars.

16 December 2014
Comparative Law Forum Meeting: Standard Essential Patents (“SEPs”)

Held at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Grotius Library, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5JP.

Robert Bell of Bryan Cave will be chairing this talk on SEP’s. SEPs can bring wonderful inventions to people all over the world. They can also bring trouble. Big businesses are using them to wage war. Small businesses may be hit by them. This meeting will discuss what role competition authorities should play in enforcing SEPs?

Further information on this event including on becoming a Comparative Law Forum member can be found here.